Market & User insights

There is no such thing as one market - or for that matter one culture. Today's markets consist of several tribes - and within them micro-tribes, all with swiftly changing believes, values and relations to the organisation’s offer.

By detecting these tribes and map their preferences, one can better match the coherence between customer value and brand offer.

market & user insights

Tribal Close Up

- user or market knowledge.

Tribal Close Up is a method we use to get a better understanding of users and customers. A TCU starts by defining the situation - e.g. mapping the users or customer values and preferences.
What believes are dominating? What hidden needs are unmet? How do they relate to your  service, product or organization? These are some of the questions that are under scrutiny and analyzed.

By really understanding the persons you want to reach, one can better address issues and support processes, in order to be on the right track.

We help you achieve knowledge and insights by conducting a Tribal Close Up.

Strategic Communication

- the act of choosing a path - and sticking to it.

Imagine your organization as a ship - small or big. The crew is your organization, the cargo your offer, the harbors your market, the sea your challenge, the other vessels your competitors - got the picture?
In order to take you where you want to go, you set your route,  map your plans, adjuste your instruments and inspire the crew. You hoist your sails! Nothing happens – where´s the wind?

In this metaphor the wind is the communication.

It´s the wind that will help you embark on your voyage, supporting your business strategy. It´s the wind that will make the internal processes works and take you to the markets.
In Strategic Communication we determine what to say, how to say it, as where and when to say it.
Set sail!

Brand vs Customer Values

- perfect match?

Brand values is meant to reflect the brand´s inner "soul"– its meta values. Values that reflect not only what the product or service stands for but also the price people are willing to pay. In a best-case scenario, a brand´s value equals the value users acknowledge.
Values need to be constantly updated and re-positioned due to the fact that trends as preferences changes. Terminology also changes, in both it´s significance as its meaning. In order to address your offer with the correct values, you have to review your brand values with the market's values. In Brand vs Customer Values, we conduct quality studies to find out where values meet or disagree, analyze users' and customers' preferences, as well as help out positioning your offer.


-  marketing from three perspectives.

ARCTM is a method in order to understand and reach out to a market. ARC is an abbreviation for Anthropology, Rhetoric, and Communications. Anthropology is the understanding of man and human cultures. Rhetoric is the art of communication - being convincing and persuasive.  The C stands for Communication, setting up a strategy that supports the overall business strategy. ARCTM is in other words a full coverage of understanding target groups, addressing a market, and how to operate on the designated market.

ARCTM  is a tool that gives you the full picture, three perspectives that give the pre-requisite to developing strategies in order to enter a new market, finding new areas or segments.

ARCTM is either offered as a full qualitative study or as a two-day internal workshop.