Organization Culture

Organization Culture

The understanding of culture has become increasingly important.

In times of e.g. organizational changes or a M&A, emotion rises, behaviours are triggered, norms and values can be questioned.

By gaining a better insight and knowledge of the values that are at stake, issues can be addressed in time - a process that significantly improves the odds of a successful change.

Organization Close Up

- leading your tribe.

What believes and values are dominating? What hidden needs are unmet? Where does the organization stand in regards to knowledge and awareness of the challenges ahead? These are some of the questions that are under scrutiny and analyzed in an Organizational Close Up.

Organizational Change

- change is not strange - no change is strange.

Studies show that organizational changes are necessary in themself in order to avoid stagnation. We carry out qualitative studies to identify obstacles, "pains" as well as possibilities within the organization – to create a change you want to embrace.

M&A Culture Change

- due diligence is just the start.

A merger is a turbulent time for an organization - emotions and feelings are stirred up. Rumors, hearsay, preconceptions - rational as irrational - are tumbling around within the organizations. The fusion of two cultures is the real challenge.

We help you to map out the essential issues.

Change Management

-  management is key.

Change management is a structured way to obtain change from one position to another within an organization or a team. A work that requires tools and skills in understanding humans and context.

 In short, becoming a coach within change.