About us

We always customize our work to suit your agenda and situation, while executing it in a simple and relevant way – with a minimum of consultant BS and other empty jargon.

We believe in information, guidance, and rock-solid practical knowledge, and foremost that clients know what they want.

We work with strategic business information. We follow the code of ICC / ESOMAR and its industry standards regarding ethics and confidentiality.

We don't perceive objects as they are - we perceive them as we are.

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business culture.


Martin Hellryd has previously held positions as Product Manager, International Marketing Manager, Investor Relations & Corporate Communication Manager, and Senior Consultant within Advertising and PR.
Martin holds a Master's in Cultural Analysis and a Bachelor's degree from Lund University in B.Sc. - with emphasis on marketing and organizational development. In addition to that, studies in rhetoric and cross-cultural communication.


Eva G: dotter Jansson has worked as an expert for UN, Head of R & D programs in the Swedish industry, First Secretary at the Swedish Embassy, and with education and lectures within the public and private sector.

     Eva is a Design Anthropologist with a focus on user-driven innovation processes. Eva has a background as a Senior Researcher and Analyst at Kolding School of Design, as well as an Innovator at Harvard Business School and MIT.


Kristian Nilsson has experience in positions such as CEO and Sales Manager, within media, and as  Project Manager wihin quantitative surveys. Kristian contributes foremost with his knowledge in statistics, data information and quantitative surveys. 
Kristian has a Bachelor´s degree. from Lund University with a focus on economics and marketing. Kristian has also studied social sciences and methodological learning.