What we do

What We Do

Organizations live or die by their connection to culture and its changes.

In order to succeed in developing solutions that drive change –
we needs to understand the cultures we are a part of as affected by.

We help organizations to get a better understanding of the cultures at stake – this in order to gain knowledge, understanding, and insight.

Our method is qualified social research, based in business anthropology and behavioral economics –  but foremost in the reality. 

Innovation & Ideation

Innovations not only facilitate our everyday life - they change what it means to be human; our view on accessibility, connectivy, security, work, our senses, even time itself. These conditions... click to read.

Market  & User Insights

There is no such thing as one market - or for that matter one culture. Today's markets consist of several tribes - and within them microtribes, all with swiftly changing... click to read.

Organization & Development

The understanding of culture has become increasingly important. In times of e.g. organizational changes or a M&A, emotion rises, behaviors are triggered, norms and values can be questioned... click to read.

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