Ideation & innovation

Creating meaning!

Innovations not only facilitate our everyday life - they change what it means to be human; our view on accessibility, connectivity, security, work, our senses, even time itself. These conditions have to be addressed when conducting ideation.

Ideation is not about far out ideas – it's about having the right people, how they are led, and about understanding the innovation culture and the market.

ideation & innovation

Tribal Close Up

- gaining  human insights.

With Tribal Close Up we bring knowledge and insights to the ideation and innovation process.

What will drive your product category in the future? Where is the market in regards to knowledge, awareness and consumer behaviour? What trends and perspectives are at stake?

An ideation or innovation process starts by defining the situation - asking the right questions, as getting relevant information by mapping the landscap.

That is the essence of a Tribal Close Up.

Innovation Culture

- creating culture.

Innovation is about culture - i.e. what innovation culture your organization have. It´s about having the right people, the right knowledge and the right management.
A successful innovation culture has an open structure, that encourage cross border cooperation and social networks.
A culture that encourage the different and actually  supports failure.
An organization that allows, creativity and improvisation, as well as  letting it take time to mature and flourish.

We help you set up a thriving innovation culture.

Social & Environmental Analyses

- being future oriented.

Social and Environmental Analyses focus on the trends taking part in the world. Major changes in the society as technological development, migration, legislation, climate change and globalisation affects the organization and in extension it´s innovation.

We identify the social and environmental factors that will have an impact on the branch and organisation, and hence needs to be addressed.

Understanding  the society and trends - where it´s heading  is core to succesful innovations.

UX & Innovation Design

- a user centered approach.

User Experience & Innovation Design doesn´t start with functions or algorithms, it starts with human insights.

With needs and how it enhances our ego.
UX is about how a person feels when interfacing with a product, system or service. It involves behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. UX includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of ownership.  It’s about enhancing the experiences that people have while interacting with your product or service.

We help you gain human insights and creating user centered innovations.