Our method

We use the ethnographic method in order to get a deeper understanding of how people behave and interact –i.e. what creates meaning in our daily lives.

In order to drive change and generate ideas the ethnographic method has proven to be the most effective of them all.

By understanding the complexity of culture, new business and innovation opportunities can be uncovered - giving you a head-start.

The Ethnographic Method

The ethnographic method is a qualitative study of people and their cultures. E.g. how people relate to new technic, how we spend our time, what terminology is used, underlying power structures, relation to change, or with whom one share an experience, etc. In short; what creates meaning in peoples every day life - at work, home or leisure.

Ethnography takes place where things happens. By conducting observations and interviews in the right context, you get a deeper and better understanding of what´s really going on.

An ethnographic studie accounts for the major trends taking place in  the society, and records observed behavior as well as symbol-meaning relations, using concepts that avoid causal explanations.

The findings achieved are backed up by grounded theories within anthropology, sociology and behavioral economics.

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