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"People are loyal to culture -

not to strategies"

We don´t do copy paste!

Every new assignment demands a new approach. How could it be otherwise? For sure a problem or a situation can at first glance look almost identical, but that doesn´t mean you can apply the same solution. On the contrary – cultures are complex, and vary over time and place!

For instance one M&A can´t be handled the same way as another - due to the simple fact that people aren´t the same. They have different expectations, believes and probably a totally different hold on cultural change in general.

The same applies to a user- or market culture. Changing substantially from one business to another, but also within the same trade - people have different opinions and behavior towards let´s say, an implant towards cosmetic surgery, natural sweetener in contrast to artificiell, personal nursing vs digital monitoring.

This said, ideation or innovation culture also differs between organizations and time – knowledge, resources, demands, internal as external expectations – all set a unique setting.

Regardless if it concerns organizational change, business intelligence or innovation development, you have to address it with an open mind. And that´s why we don´t do copy-past.


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